Timber Joey Theft Saga Ends Well


It all happened so fast I didn’t find out about it until it was already done. Here’s the short version: Someone busted into Timber Joey’s car on Saturday night and stole his match day gear. He posted on Facebook about it, and the story got shared, eventually making it to the eyeballs of a KATU News crew who happened to spot a shifty looking guy wearing the entire collection while lounging on Burnside street. The person of interest said he found it in a bag, and promptly coughed it up to the news crew who returned it to Joey. Notice I didn’t call Timber Joey a “mascot.” That’s because I don’t think of him as a mascot, but instead a standard bearer. He’s the guy who carries our flag into battle. He’s not a mascot. Mascots are animals or guys in furry costumes.

Video embeds that aren’t Youtube or Vimeo don’t seem to display with any sort of accuracy with this current theme, so if it looks funky or doesn’t work, watch it on the KATU News site.

A happy, post-drama FB update from Joey.

I have the fullest heart right now. Thank you to everyone who helped track down my stuff by sharing my post. KATU just…

Posted by Joey Webber on Sunday, March 20, 2016

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