A Test of Our Mettle, Make or Break, Turning Point, and a host of other cliches

We’ve got three games in seven days against conference opponents that are all doing much better than us right now. Our back line is in a state of flux. We’ve got new guys with no chemistry, and not-so-new guys performing like rookies. In the space of a week we could be in a very deep hole. These next 3 games could determine whether the 2016 Timbers are actually as great as they are in our hearts, or instead, just an ordinary team. LA, Dallas, and San Jose are in places 6, 1 and 9 respectively in the Supporters Shield race compared to our 16th place standing. This will be the week that all the end of the season articles are going to point to. Or maybe I’m just being dramatic. This is going to be tense week for me.

Here’s the Hinton Unleashed video from the column in Prost Amerika. Skip to the 3:30 mark for comments re: Portland. It’s from before Seattle had any points, but since then, the Timbers have more or less proved his point.

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