Kevin Wallior


I’m a Timbers supporter based out of Boise, Idaho. I want to share a picture of my Timbers Tattoo. I got it done in March 2016.
I’m a part of a group of Timbers supporters based in Boise that have organized a branch of Timbers Army here (Timbers Army Boise). Last year, when it looked like the Timbers wouldn’t even make the playoffs, a group of us all agreed to get tattoos if the Timbers some how turned the season around and won the Cup.
Matt Arriola from Snake River Tattoo in Boise, ID helped me make good on our promise. He tweaked the layout, but the overall design was mine. It encompasses my love for the Timbers and my love of Idaho.
Tattoo Artist: Matt Arriola | Link
Tattoo Parlor: Snake River Tattoo | Link

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