Portland Table Soccer Club

One of the things that happened since this site went down, there is now a thriving Subbuteo table soccer club in Portland. Check us out on Facebook, or come by one of our bi-onthly Monday night events at the Portland Game Store.  We’re listed on their (online) calendar as Subbuteo – Table Soccer. In fact, if you’re reading this on  the day the postwar published (3-19-18) we’re playing tonight. No experience necessary.  Expect a lot more Subbuteo-based content on this site, as soon as I get some time to work on a new theme. 

We’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just 3 days before the 2018 season and PTFZine is online again! So much has happened that I wasn’t able to post about since the site went down in October… but it’s finally online again!

TLDR: Web host had massive hard drive failure. Everything was lost. Now, several months later, they managed to recover the files, and I’ve managed to reinstate them. There might be some weirdness here and there that I haven’t discovered yet, and if there is, I will be fixing that in the coming week.

The full Story: My web host had a catastrophic RAID failure, and had no off-site backups. Apparently, that’s my job. They must have have done something wrong however, because after they tried to fleece their customers for a forensic hard drive recovery service and didn’t get enough takers, the eventually decided to pay for it themselves and only charge their users $20 a site to retrieve what they could. Fortunately, everything appears to have been recovered for this domain.