LAFC: Los Angeles, Formerly Chivas

LAFC front office has banned the pictured tifo from being brought into this weekend’s Timber’s match. In case you don’t get it, Chivas USA was a Los Angeles (well, Carson) based MLS team that folded in 2014. We picked up Jorge Villafana from those guys! The Chivas mascot is a goat.

Usually, although not always, a tifo or 2 stick will be banned due to offensive language.  LAFC currently sits in 2nd place in the west, and 4th in the Suporter’s Shield race, yet their fragile self esteem can’t handle this.

[Photo : Aaron Emch]

Porter to Orlando FC?

I didn’t even get to properly address the bombshell of Caleb Porter resigning because it happened while the site was down for months. There has been speculation on whether he was asked to resign after our disastrous performance in the playoffs vs. Houston last year. Coincidentally, I finally got around to watching that game on the DVR for the first time. I make a habit of watching the broadcast of games that I attend. It’s an entirely different perspective. For one, a lot of the calls that we fervently boo when they don’t go our way, well sometimes they seem to be correct. That last match in Portland played out pretty much how I remembered. It was a bitter disappointment, but we bossed Houston around for the most part, and they got lucky on that last goal.

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View from the $50 million not-so-cheap seats

Do want to see what the Portland Timbers stadium addition will look like in 3D and get an idea of the view from the new seats?  Check it out on It may only be an approximation, but it beats waiting until 2020. Hopefully the seats will actually be painted to spell out SCUSA like they do in the renders. It’s a shame they don’t let you see what it looks like from the Mac Club! Archived views after the jump.

[Thanks to Jonathan Farrow for the tip.]

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Zelda record holder is a Timbers fan

It’s been a long time since there was a post of any substance, so I’m going to ease into it with a post lacking almost any real Timbers content. Brad Bourque was watching a video documenting a year long battle between a couple of guys trying to finish the game The Legend of Zelda in world record time and spotted a Timbers flag in the background. It turns out the gamer known as LackAttack24 is a Timbers supporter. The “documentary” video was published in 2017, but the Timbers flag footage dates back to 2015, which was a great year for Timbers supporters… Since then, LackAttack24 has beaten his own record several times.

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PTSC Rocky Martin Memorial Tournament

Yes, it’s true. There have essentially been no new updates since the recovery from the server crash, with the exception of the 2018 standings graph. Sooooo much has happened. I’m still trying to figure out the future of this site, and involved in a lot of other things like for example this upcoming Subbuteo table soccer tournament.

Portland Table Soccer Club

One of the things that happened since this site went down, there is now a thriving Subbuteo table soccer club in Portland. Check us out on Facebook, or come by one of our bi-onthly Monday night events at the Portland Game Store.  We’re listed on their (online) calendar as Subbuteo – Table Soccer. In fact, if you’re reading this on  the day the postwar published (3-19-18) we’re playing tonight. No experience necessary.  Expect a lot more Subbuteo-based content on this site, as soon as I get some time to work on a new theme. 

We’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just 3 days before the 2018 season and PTFZine is online again! So much has happened that I wasn’t able to post about since the site went down in October… but it’s finally online again!

TLDR: Web host had massive hard drive failure. Everything was lost. Now, several months later, they managed to recover the files, and I’ve managed to reinstate them. There might be some weirdness here and there that I haven’t discovered yet, and if there is, I will be fixing that in the coming week.

The full Story: My web host had a catastrophic RAID failure, and had no off-site backups. Apparently, that’s my job. They must have have done something wrong however, because after they tried to fleece their customers for a forensic hard drive recovery service and didn’t get enough takers, the eventually decided to pay for it themselves and only charge their users $20 a site to retrieve what they could. Fortunately, everything appears to have been recovered for this domain.

One of these figures is a larger than life legend


One of these figures is a larger than life legend, and the other is Paul Bunyan! Timber Jim outside Providence Park showing off his Paul Bunyan sticker benefiting the Kenton neighborhoods restoration efforts for the beloved Paul Bunyan statue. Get yours at Green Zebra grocery in the Kenton neighborhood. Check out that ring! Then check out the Timber-themed patch that the sticker was based on.