Ghost of Jeanderson

Listen up children! A long time ago, way back in 2016, there was a kid named Anderson. These were heady days, the season after the very first time the Timbers won the MLS Cup. Now Anderson went on a road trip with the Timbers Army to Seattle. Although we didn’t win that day, Anderson did meet a couple very interesting characters who were attempting to record a podcast on a bus ride. You might think that does not sound like a serious endeavor, and you’d be right, for the podcast was titled Soccer Touchdown. Anderson went on to become good friends with Zippy and JP, and soon became a recurring character on the podcast, known for his love of cotton candy, soccer, and the blink-and-you-missed-him Timbers player known only as Jeanderson. Anderson was despondent when he learned that Jeanderson was no longer with the team, even though it had happened some 6 months earlier, and now he has legally changed his name to Ghost of Jeanderson. This is a true story. You can find him playing

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Run Size: 100

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