Soccer Made in Portland Prediction Points – 2018

Listen to the Soccer Made in Portland podcast. Each week they predict the results of the next Timbers and Thorns matches, as well as making a side bet. The following week they assign points on an arbitrary scale based on the results. This is a running total of those predictions and point scores. You might think I’d have better things to do with my time, and you’d be right. Check out the 2016 totals here.

Key: This prediction came true. This prediction failed.




Points Given in Podcast
C J Chris Jamie
Match Predictions 0 0
Side Bets 0 0
Podcast Predictions
Episode 6 Timbers @ NYRB
Chris: 3-2 | Valeri goal, Valeri assist.
Jamie: 2-1 | Adi goal
W W L 0 0
Episode 5 Season opener @ LAG
Chris: 2-2 | Ridgewell goal
Jamie: 1-2 | Armenteros goal
D L L 1 19