Expansion Tales

Here’s couple new renders of the proposed Providence Park expansion as posted on NextPortland.com, along with a short write up detailing not much of anything. We finally get to see a close up version of the new homeless camp pedestrian arcade. Check out Chatterbox for a far more interesting article on how the expansion plans came to be, including options for the roof materials and a word or two from a representative of the MAC club. I may be exposing my architectural ignorance here, but I was surprised to learn they didn’t have the details of the roofing materials figured out when they designed it. Turns out it could be made of steel, or fabric. Hopefully they’ll plan for the once-a-decade heavy (for Portland) snow accumulation.

In stadium expansion news, the Oregonian published a confusing and inaccurate account of the potential new deal with the City of Portland and the Timbers. Stumptown Footy addressed those issues in detail, and it appears the original Oregonian article has been largely re-written.

Here’s the addendum to the original Oregonian story. The article is still slanted against the Timbers organization, presenting short term tax breaks as a net loss to the city, while neglecting to account for the net gain after taxes resume.

Note: This story has been updated. The city of Portland requested the change in the tax break it will grant the Portland Timbers. An earlier version of this story erroneously described how the new deal originated. The city sought the change, making the tax break larger but shorter in duration, in order to have the Timbers pay higher taxes in 2026 and 2027, when the city projects it will need the money. Timbers owner Peregrine Sports did not ask for the additional tax break. The Oregonian regrets the error.

Here’s another new render and a detailed side view of the expansion.

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