Let’s Go Get Cokes


I’ve always had an affinity for Coke, growing up in a suburb of Atlanta, and as a skate punk in the 80’s (and beyond) feeling like the song Let’s Go Get Cokes, by The Faction was written for me personally, even though my straight edge phase didn’t last long. Still, finding this Timbers themed Coke display in Safeway, complete with custom scarf startled me a bit. Of course I want the FO to make money where they can, within reason, so we can keep paying those transfer fees. On the other hand, it just felt a little awkward.

The back side of the scarf, just in case you thought it was a generic MLS FO offering. I’m curious how many other Coke case robots were made across the country to hold up scarves for MLS teams. I wonder if they were in fact designed for NFL football teams.


The Faction sings Let’s Go Get Cokes.

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